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7 Reasons to Move to Kent

If there is one place in England which truly embodies the feeling of so near yet so far from London it just has to be Kent! After all in less than an hour on Southeastern’s high speed links you can easily be travelling between the very heart of the Garden of England and London.

At the same time, this is only one of the MANY reasons which make Kent such an attractive destination to move to. Below we provide 7 of them!

1. Like London, Mainland Europe is also a hop, skip and jump away!

A major attraction of Kent lies in its excellent location, not only close to London but also to mainland Europe. In fact the nearest point in Kent is a mere 21 miles from mainland Europe! Driving on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle from Calais in France, you can be in Folkestone in just over half an hour, from where you can easily take the M20 to get to any part of Kent.

2. Affordable Property Prices

A major draw for Kent is the fairly affordable property prices there. And mind you, this is not only in comparison to pricy London but many other parts of England as well! For instance, a 2 or 3 bedroom detached house with a large garden in tow, and the complete charm of countryside living (yet never too far from town amenities) would cost you significantly less in Kent than in many other places in England, especially central London.

3. It lives up to its tag of “The Garden of England”

While other places in England have also attempted to lay claim to the tag of being “The Garden of England” Kent really lives up to it, with its plentiful hop gardens and orchards. There’s lush greenery all around the county, with apple and cherry trees particularly prominent across its landscape.

4. Salubrious Climate

Compared to the rest of England, Kent experiences the warmest weather in the country, thanks to its southeast location. This abundance of pleasant sunshine has alone proven to be a major draw for many to move to Kent.

5. Abundance of Educational and Retail Establishments

Any family considering moving to a new place would be concerned about the existence (and quality) of educational establishments such as schools and colleges for their children. They would also like to be reassured about retail outlets where they can do their everyday shopping. In Kent that is not a concern at all – there are ample top quality schools and colleges as well as other institutions of higher learning. There is also an absolute plethora of shopping avenues – you literally can shop till you drop in Kent!

6. Plentiful Places for Sightseeing that have Historical and Cultural Significance

Once in Kent you will rarely feel the need to step out for sightseeing since there is so much to see within the county. Particularly from a historical and cultural perspective, you will find that this is one of the most prominent counties in the country. Further, the county administration has taken various steps to ensure that on the cultural front there is always a lot happening at any given time in Kent.

7. Friendly Folks

Last but certainly not the least; it is ultimately the people who really make a place attractive (or not). In Kent’s case, you will probably find some of the most gregarious and friendly people in England in the county, whose hospitality really knows no bounds.

Now, now, do you still need more reasons to move to Kent?