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Finding the Perfect Place for yourself

Finding a new place to move can be difficult and time consuming. You might be moving to a new place to work or for study purposes or even to settle after retirement. But deciding to move to new a place can be difficult as you may need to consider various factors before you move to a new town. For instance, some people might like the buzzing city life and others find it peaceful in a more serene and peaceful setting, so the choice of your location can vary based on your individual choices. You may also need to consider the schools and neighbourhood in the new area of your choice. We present you some top locations in Kent to move to:


The best thing about Sevenoaks is that it’s a commuter’s heaven, transports whisk you in a matter of minutes to anyplace, but it is not all about commuting. There is much more to see and do in Sevenoaks. For instance, there’s still a breathtaking pretty hilltop set in North Downs, and it is surrounded by beautiful and gorgeous homes such as the Knole mansion.

Tunbridge Wells

If you’re interested in history and breathtaking scenery, then Tunbridge Wells can be the right choice for you. Tunbridge Wells presents a perfect synergy of old and new sights, and has attracted tourists from not just the UK but all over the world for over for 400 years. There are plenty of things to explore in Tunbridge Wells. They have some of the most beautiful gardens, castles and historic houses and ancient churches. They have the royal Tunbridge Wells for shopping and plenty of places for an amazing nightlife.


Tonbridge is a market town that has existed since the middle-ages. There are captivating buildings such as the Moated Manor house and the Ightham Mote which are just 6 miles north of Tonbridge. So it does not only provides you a perfect place to live in but there are also plenty of serene, beautiful escapes. So if you are looking for a fun filled family outing, you can always head to the hop farms and experience an exhilarating range of features and wonders which includes a dray ride with shire horses. You also need not to worry about the kids as there is an animal village filled with pigs, llamas, reindeers and goats, there is also an interactive Hop story museum where you can learn about the heritage of Tonbridge.

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