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Mini Moves around London & Kent Made Easy

Given the high cost of living in London, it does not come as a surprise that many Londoners are increasingly choosing to live outside the immediate periphery of London proper, even if they work there. Places like Tunbridge Wells in particular – which is a mere 40 miles or 64 km by road from central London to the south-east, have become particularly very popular among younger couples and the like, even if they have their parents or other family members continuing to live in London.

Now, such moves are invariably “mini” in nature in the sense that there isn’t a whole lot of stuff to carry; that is where Removals Kent offers immense value with its “Mini Moves” services where you can easily make these small scale relocations without a fuss. There are choices on offer, including vehicle plus two men (to help with the stuff) or vehicle plus one man (driver) where the stuff to be lugged is really minimal – which you can handle on your own. Either way, you will find the costs to be really reasonable, not to forget the fact that both come with removal insurance up to £50,000.

In terms of quality of services – as indeed the professional training received by the concerned staff, there is absolutely no shortcoming whatsoever. Moreover, we have sofa covers, webbing and blankets offered as standard with our mini move vehicles which will help you immensely during the movement process.

At the end of the day, no matter where you may be making your “mini move” you can be assured that Compass Moving Services with its unique “Compass Mini Moves” will be there with you, every step of the way.

As far as places for making mini moves around London are concerned, the reason we mentioned Tunbridge Wells in particular is because of the consistent fashion in which it has appeared on practically every listing of “Best Places to Live near London” (or some such similar list). It offers, in some areas, low cost housing and close proximity to London proper – as already mentioned above, as well as a variety of different avenues which will ensure that you never miss big city living. Retail for instance is big in Tunbridge Wells with its opulent Royal Victoria Place shopping centre. Various financial and business houses as well as administrative departments have a major presence in Tunbridge Wells to the extent that besides living there, you could also find employment in the city and therefore would not have to make the daily commute to London – which many have today, come to dread!

In summary, if a “mini move” is what you are seeking, especially to quaint locations such as Tunbridge Wells, Compass Moving Services with its unique “Compass Mini Moves” would definitely be your best bet!