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Moving to France? Things to Consider

france-flag-1421126-m You might be thinking it’s time to see some new places, you might be bored with the overcrowded streets of London and the suburbs may be too much for you to bear anymore. Maybe you remember great vacations spent in French rural areas, in houses sunk in the sun all day long. Maybe you just need a change to feel the life again. Maybe you hope to find peace and a better quality of life across the channel that separates Britain from the rest of the Europe.

Doesn’t matter what your reasons are you probably will encounter some difficulties along the way to making your dream come true. This post will take a look some of the obstacles you might face and should be aware of.


Before you decide to move to the France, you should really work on your French. There is definitely nice countryside to explore Dordogne is one very beautiful and popular region in France. To be part of the community you should be able to have at least basic conversational language skills, enough to have a small talk in the café. Language skills mean a lot when you are moving to a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue. There are many reasons, starting with general job opportunities to better understanding with your local community. It is hard to make friends by not talking with people.

French Culture
French culture differs as any other great culture. It is quite common that people tend to bring their own culture and traditions into the country they are moving to. This is very patriotic but nonetheless be aware that to blend into the rural communities in the countryside it is not advisable to be constantly comparing your previous residence to the new one. French culture having it’s advantages will still have some faults in your eyes. Your new neighbors don’t need to know about them, it might not have a positive effect on your reputation.

Nostalgic expectations
Be aware of the realities in France as well. Maybe you have spent an amazing vacation beautiful areas of the Frence countryside, that might have been many years ago. Paris for example has suffered many problems concerning areas of poor unemployed people. That may not hold you back once you decide to move, simply be aware, realistic and do your research about the place you are about to move to. France definitely has many delightful places to live in.

Finances\ Employment

The French economy is still one of the strongest in Europe job opportunities are on the other hand, quite limited. It is absolutely necessary to be fluent in French. In addition to these, the French unemployment rate has recently risen to almost 15%, which means you might need to have a strong and demanding specialization to find a job in France. If you do decide to live in France, the French government offers a lot quality services for its citizens.