Professional Moving Help


Moving a house can be an arduous task for most of us. It can prove to be quite hectic especially if we have other jobs to do. Even if you are a stay at home mum or a student it can prove to be quite a big task to do. Although some people may prefer to pack and move items themselves but it may take them weeks or even months to pack their homes. It might also take a lot more effort to load and unload items and boxes themselves and then unpack these. The process of packing, moving and then unpacking can be quite time-consuming and extremely stressful. Which is why, it is advisable to hire a professional moving service.

Hiring a professional moving service can save all the hassle and extra time spent. So hiring a professional moving service can be money well spent. However, not all moving companies provide the same level of expertise and customer care. Therefore, it is advisable to do a little bit of research before hiring a professional moving service.

RemovalsKent is a well-established family owned business with over 30 years’ of experience. With their professional service, you won’t need to worry about moving your valuables, be it antiques, glass frames, wall hangings, household or glassware items. Removalskent handles everything with care. They have the most professional and efficient movers. They will not only move your items to your specified destination but can also pack your items for you. They are one of the leading companies in Kent. So if you are moving to Tunbridge wells or any other area in Kent, then Removalskent might be the perfect choice for you.

All you need to do is give them a call, and they will call you back to arrange an appointment. Their customer service representative will visit you to give you a no-obligation free quote. They have one of the most friendly customer service representatives and also one of the most competitive prices in the Kent area. They will provide a cost effective moving solution that is customised specifically to meet your needs. RemovalsKent will also be happy to give you a free advice on your forthcoming move so that things can run as smoothly as possible.

Highlight features of RemovalsKent

Removalskent offers a variety of services, some of them are listed as under,

  • Full Packing Service.
  • Packing Part Packing/Fragile Service.
  • If you are a resident in Kent, they also provide local removals.
  • If you are a resident anywhere in the country, they are just a call away.
  • If you are moving to Europe, let us make an appointment with you and we could help you move .
  • They also offer long or short term storage.
  • If you have trouble finding the perfect boxes to cram your stuff in, just let us know, we provide boxes as well.
  • Removals can be expensive that is why we offer competitive prices to our clients.

Finding the Perfect Place for yourself

Finding a new place to move can be difficult and time consuming. You might be moving to a new place to work or for study purposes or even to settle after retirement. But deciding to move to new a place can be difficult as you may need to consider various factors before you move to a new town. For instance, some people might like the buzzing city life and others find it peaceful in a more serene and peaceful setting, so the choice of your location can vary based on your individual choices. You may also need to consider the schools and neighbourhood in the new area of your choice. We present you some top locations in Kent to move to:


The best thing about Sevenoaks is that it’s a commuter’s heaven, transports whisk you in a matter of minutes to anyplace, but it is not all about commuting. There is much more to see and do in Sevenoaks. For instance, there’s still a breathtaking pretty hilltop set in North Downs, and it is surrounded by beautiful and gorgeous homes such as the Knole mansion.

Tunbridge Wells

If you’re interested in history and breathtaking scenery, then Tunbridge Wells can be the right choice for you. Tunbridge Wells presents a perfect synergy of old and new sights, and has attracted tourists from not just the UK but all over the world for over for 400 years. There are plenty of things to explore in Tunbridge Wells. They have some of the most beautiful gardens, castles and historic houses and ancient churches. They have the royal Tunbridge Wells for shopping and plenty of places for an amazing nightlife.


Tonbridge is a market town that has existed since the middle-ages. There are captivating buildings such as the Moated Manor house and the Ightham Mote which are just 6 miles north of Tonbridge. So it does not only provides you a perfect place to live in but there are also plenty of serene, beautiful escapes. So if you are looking for a fun filled family outing, you can always head to the hop farms and experience an exhilarating range of features and wonders which includes a dray ride with shire horses. You also need not to worry about the kids as there is an animal village filled with pigs, llamas, reindeers and goats, there is also an interactive Hop story museum where you can learn about the heritage of Tonbridge.

If you are interested in moving to these places for short and long term and if the moving out experience is halting you, then you need not to worry. Removalskent, is a well established family owned company who can help you move your items with much care and ease. The company has over 30 years of experience of moving valuable and precious items and has established a strong foothold in the Kent region.

Removalskent keeps you Involved

Where other removal companies may not pay attention to what the client has to say, RemovalsKent, on the other hand, remains fully involved with their clients. They offer great customer service and makes moving extremely easy and smooth

Why hiring a professional moving company is a good idea?


Heading to a new town? Stressed out because of the work load involved in the process? Well, we understand how difficult the experience might be for a family or an individual moving to a new town. Therefore, in order to help you out we are happy to provide you with the best solution.

The answer to all your questions regarding your moving experience is to hire a professional moving company. A lot of people have the misconception that hiring a moving company is quite pricey and the services might also not be very satisfying.

Well, to clear this misconception out once and for all, hiring a professional moving service will eventually help you gain number of benefits and the cost might sum up to what people may spend while doing it on their own.

  1. Convenience: during the process of moving to a new town, there is so much to do in such little time. The process can be long and boring. However, a professional moving service is well trained for such tasks. They will ensure that all your goods are packed and ready to be moved in the allotted time so that you do not face any inconveniences. With a professional moving service you do not have to be worry about packing, loading, unloading and several other things. All the things will be taken care of as per your convenience so that you enjoy a hassle free experience.
  2. Safety of your belongings: one more reason why it is utmost important to hire a professional moving service is to ensure the safety of your goods and belongings. The team and the staff of a professional moving service are well trained to pack everything securely using just the right packaging material so that your goods are moved in a safe and sound manner.
  3. Saves time: another important thing to keep in mind before moving to a new place is whether you have the time and energy to do the packing of your belongings. Most people do not think this through and the ending result is to rely on your friends and family for help. They might or might not show up at the right time which will further prolong the process. However, a professional moving service will ensure that all the packing is done in the allotted time. It will save your time and you may not even have to take those extra days off from work just to get involved in this tiring task.

So these were just a few important reasons that you can consider if you are thinking to do everything on your own. Looking at the above mentioned points, it is quite safe to say that hiring a professional moving company is the smarter option.

Removals Kent is a local moving service that will ensure that all your goods are moved safely and in the allotted time for your convenience. With their years and years of experience in this field, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your moving experience.

Life in Kent


Thinking to move to a new apartment, house or a mansion? Looking for a perfect city to settle down with your family? Well, what could be better than Kent; a town situated in the south east England.

Whether you are living in a nearby city or a faraway one; it is always advisable to hire a moving service to move your goods safely from one place to another. Removals Kent is one of the most reliable local moving services that will ensure that all your goods are moved safely and in a stress free manner.

Several people today enjoy and love living in this beautiful city due to multiple reasons. To start off, there are numerous orchards and gardens in the town due to this reason it is also known as The Garden of England. Most parts of the town are dedicated to tourism and agricultural. The reason that it is has a nice environment and its beauty has attracted many tourists to come and visit the place. Aside from this, more and more families are moving to the city due to its good and healthy environment.

Like mentioned earlier, there are several parks and gardens in the town which makes it a great place for the families to move in and settle. The climate of the place is also a very important aspect that keeps the people attracted towards the city. The weather in the town is usually quite warm and pleasant!

Life in Kent is great! This is not mainly because of the good climate and environment but also several other reasons. For instance, there are a number of good schools, colleges and universities that have always been a source of attractions towards the families. Over the years many of the schools and educational places have gained remarkable popularity due to their tremendous progress.

It is also interesting to note that there are several places of entertainment for the people in the town. Fine dining, cafes, theaters and surrounded by good people is all that is needed to get settled in a place. Kent is a town that has got it all! From good school and parks to good source of entertainment, this beautiful city will provide its inhabitants with all the necessities in life.

So this was just a little overview of what to expect if you are moving to Kent or what life in Kent is all about. If you are looking for a good town with great environment then what could be better than this one?

Moving to a new place can often be a stressful experience, with so much to do in such little time; the task can be quite difficult. However, with a good reliable moving service, the task can be fun and stress-free. A good moving service like will make sure that your goods are moved to your desired place safe and sound!

If you are planning to move to new city then contact Removals Kent and enjoy a tension free moving experience!

Packing Tips to Get You Moving In a Jiffy!

While Removals Kent prides itself on the extensive range of relocation services that it offers, including but not limited to packing services, we feel that advanced preparation, especially with regard to packing of your items, can go a long way in ensuring that all your items move safely and soundly.

Accordingly, in this post, we offer a variety of packing tips which can help you get moving in a jiffy, without any fuss whatsoever!

Pack what you really need and discard unwanted items

Often relocation is a fresh start – then why have unwanted baggage with you? At Compass Moving Services we have noticed that challenges with packing arise because there are simply way too many items to be carried, many of which are completely unnecessary. So if it is old papers, flyers (of places you will no longer be frequenting!), go ahead and discard them. Also consider giving to charity, items that you feel would not be critical to your new location, and yet could be useful to those in need.

Make the most of your items

Being in the relocation business, we notice a lot of oddities on the part of customers, which we always try and help them with. To give you an example, empty suitcases and boxes are doled out to us while relocating, when they could easily have been used to pack in so many other things! Instead, pack them up with items you are relocating with – you will be streamlining the overall number of items you will be lugging, quite dramatically!

Label your items

With multiple boxes, it can get quite daunting with regard to what is where – once you relocate, you will not know which boxes to open up first! By labelling your boxes, you do away with the risk of not knowing their contents. As an added tip, also take pictures as you pack which will help you remember the arrangement of items, say wires on your electronic items.

Organize everything before you seek help with packing

Before you seek help with packing – whether from your friends or professional organizations like ours, we suggest that you organize everything as best as you can. For instance, you can have the boxes ready with clear directions on what is to go where. Then you can also decide on the priority of items – the critical items to be unpacked at your new location can be put in last into the relocation vehicle so that they pop out first while unloading. Additionally, consider organizing your items in terms of the exact spot they are to go to – bathroom items in one group, bedroom items in another lot, and so on.

Add-on Tip – How about placing a large plastic bag around your clothes in the wardrobe and packing them together?

This is a great tip since you can conveniently pack a number of clothes together in a single location with minimum fuss. It also means that once you have relocated, you will be able to unpack into your new closet in a jiffy!

Mini Moves around London & Kent Made Easy

Given the high cost of living in London, it does not come as a surprise that many Londoners are increasingly choosing to live outside the immediate periphery of London proper, even if they work there. Places like Tunbridge Wells in particular – which is a mere 40 miles or 64 km by road from central London to the south-east, have become particularly very popular among younger couples and the like, even if they have their parents or other family members continuing to live in London.

Now, such moves are invariably “mini” in nature in the sense that there isn’t a whole lot of stuff to carry; that is where Removals Kent offers immense value with its “Mini Moves” services where you can easily make these small scale relocations without a fuss. There are choices on offer, including vehicle plus two men (to help with the stuff) or vehicle plus one man (driver) where the stuff to be lugged is really minimal – which you can handle on your own. Either way, you will find the costs to be really reasonable, not to forget the fact that both come with removal insurance up to £50,000.

In terms of quality of services – as indeed the professional training received by the concerned staff, there is absolutely no shortcoming whatsoever. Moreover, we have sofa covers, webbing and blankets offered as standard with our mini move vehicles which will help you immensely during the movement process.

At the end of the day, no matter where you may be making your “mini move” you can be assured that Compass Moving Services with its unique “Compass Mini Moves” will be there with you, every step of the way.

As far as places for making mini moves around London are concerned, the reason we mentioned Tunbridge Wells in particular is because of the consistent fashion in which it has appeared on practically every listing of “Best Places to Live near London” (or some such similar list). It offers, in some areas, low cost housing and close proximity to London proper – as already mentioned above, as well as a variety of different avenues which will ensure that you never miss big city living. Retail for instance is big in Tunbridge Wells with its opulent Royal Victoria Place shopping centre. Various financial and business houses as well as administrative departments have a major presence in Tunbridge Wells to the extent that besides living there, you could also find employment in the city and therefore would not have to make the daily commute to London – which many have today, come to dread!

In summary, if a “mini move” is what you are seeking, especially to quaint locations such as Tunbridge Wells, Compass Moving Services with its unique “Compass Mini Moves” would definitely be your best bet!

Priceless Pointers on Moving Fine Art and Antiques

When the items to be moved are themselves priceless, pointers on doing so with finesse need to be equally priceless, right?

So without further ado, let us look at some invaluable pointers when it comes to moving fine art and antiques.

Know your items

You will be surprised that sometimes even the most prolific connoisseurs of fine art and antiques around the world prove to be completely clueless about relevant details on these items, which would facilitate their suitable transportation.

For example, at Removals Kent we have had instances where customers called in for the movement of antiques, without informing us about the (enormous!) weight of these items, since they themselves were a little clueless about such an obvious aspect – they had simply never got down to moving these items ever in the past!

The reason such details are important because we can then prepare ourselves accordingly for the packaging and movement of these items. In the above instance, once we knew about the weight, we prepared ourselves appropriately for the movement, and did the needful with élan.

Yet, prior knowledge would certainly have saved everyone involved, a lot of time, effort and money!

That is the reason we always assert that know about the fine art and antiques to be moved, which will ensure they are transported in the best and most feasible manner possible.


The previous pointer will play a crucial role in the manner in which items to be moved are packaged. For instance, art work such as paintings have to be packaged in a way that there is absolutely no harm done to the paintings themselves. Likewise when you have rare collectibles which are being transported, each of which may be of very unique nature, they all have to be packaged differently in a way which is eventually aimed towards preservation of these items right through the transportation and delivery phases.

Means of Transportation

Another very important aspect is means of transportation. The first and second pointers above will both have a say in the way items are moved. Not only that, the vice versa is true as well, since means of transportation will also have a say in which items are to be packaged.

At the same time, bear in mind that costs play a crucial role as well. For instance, air transport invariably proves to be the most convenient and least likely to cause any harm to antiques yet it is also the most expensive. Clients typically want a balance between safe passage of their items as well as the expenses which they incur. However, we would stress that in our experience, when it comes to fine art and antiques, many clients place ample leeway on expenses. This is quite logical anyway – saving on transportation costs only to end up causing damage to items worth much more makes no sense!

A Final Note – Safety from Theft and Pilferage

A very important note when it comes to fine art and antiques is that the risk is not simply from damage, spoilage or breakage at the time of transportation. Instead, there is a very real risk of theft and pilferage, especially when it comes to high value items.

At Removals Kent, we not only work on the safe passage of fine art and antiques with regard to prevention of damage, spoilage or breakage at the time of transportation, we do everything possible to ensure that any theft or pilferage simply does not occur.

In other words, with Removals Kent, the movement of your fine art and antiques is definitely in very safe hands!

Things to Consider BEFORE you Move to Italy

You’re in a not-so-balmy part of England and simply can’t wait to move to Italy – the warm weather, fine wine, exotic beaches, beautiful women (and men!), and quaint landscapes – the allure is just too good to resist!

But wait…have you thought of all the little things to consider, BEFORE you move to Italy?

This post will certainly help!

Brush up your Italian

Do you need to become a master of the Italian language? By no means, but at least garner some basic skills. For instance, learn the common set of greetings and other phrases you are most likely to use very often. And no, Buon Giorno and Arrivederci are not enough!

Choose your Italian destination wisely

Unless you are relocating on a job where you may not have much of a say in terms of exactly WHERE in Italy you are headed – and it happens to be a voluntary decision that you are taking, you really would like to invest some time in thinking through exactly where in Italy you would like to go.

Typically, when it comes to expats, Rome and places in its vicinity have proven to be particularly popular. At the same time, the Tuscany region is also a very big draw for expats. Many areas in the south of Italy however have seen relatively less influx of foreigners settling into the region.

The reason we mention this is because as a newly arrived expat, you would want to ideally have expats around you who can help you settle down and also prove to be invaluable company while you are here.

Go easy on your property purchase

In Italy, depending on where you buy, property can be expensive with various taxes added on which only accentuate the purchase cost. Our humble suggestion would be to proceed with caution on purchase of property in Italy. Ideally, if you are unsure how long you will be around, with a strong possibility that you may not remain for too long, it is wise that you opt for a rental accommodation. That way, when it is time to go back, you simply pack your bags and leave!

Undo a LOT of habits and preconceived notions!

Many first timers to Italy really need to undo a lot of habits and also overcome preconceived notions that they have about the country and its people. While listing all such habits or preconceived notions may be beyond the scope of this post, we have listed some out which will help you get the drift…beyond these, feel free to consult with friends in Italy or look online for more expert advice!

o   Cappuccino is typically for mornings only and NOT throughout the day!

o   Given the numerous wine sessions you are likely to have, remember that while on the table, fill up other empty glasses around you as well and not just your own!

o   Be well dressed while going to churches or other holy places – tank tops or shorts are quite a no-no!

o   Calcio is the Italian word for football (or soccer) and you better get used to hearing this word quite often while in Italy.

o   Pesto with pizzas, especially as a base, is practically unheard of!

Notwithstanding all of the above, go to Italy with a positive frame of mind and however long you may remain (maybe forever?!) you can be assured of memories that will easily last a lifetime!

Top 10 Places to Live in South East England

When it comes to England as a whole, and the most desirable places in the entire country, it is common knowledge that south east England dominates the landscape.

But what about within south east England; surely some places dominate over others?

At Removals Kent we are always curious about the places around us which fancy people the most.

Accordingly, we went about researching the top 10 places to live in south east England, based on a number of different criteria – cost of living, weather, health facilities (and indeed the health of current residents), quality of schools and colleges, job/employment opportunities, public transport, natural beauty/attractions of nature, and retail amenities, among others.

Without further ado, we have enlisted our findings below.

# 10 Aylesbury Vale

Dominated by a vast agricultural landscape, Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire serves as a perfect getaway to rural England amidst quaint and pristine settings. Yet, once in Aylesbury Vale, you are never too far from historical and cultural attractions, be it Claydon House, the immaculately landscaped gardens at Stowe House, or Waddesdon Manor.

# 9 Sevenoaks

While Knole House maybe one of the most prominent and well known landmarks in Sevenoaks, there is certainly more to the town than just this epic country house, especially the exclusive Sevenoaks School that counts Daniel Day-Lewis among its (many) illustrious alumni.

# 8 Reigate and Banstead

Reigate and Banstead benefits in particular from the presence of a large number of major corporations based in and around the district, such as Kimberly Clark, AXA Insurance, Pfizer UK, and Scotia Gas Networks to only name a few – that together offer plentiful employment opportunities. Further, views around the North Downs here are brilliant, whether from Box Hill, Reigate Hill, or Colley Hill.

# 7 Horsham

Horsham in West Sussex scores on various fronts such as the relatively high life expectancy of residents here (83 years for women and 76 for men), low rate of crime, and excellent employment opportunities especially in the insurance sector with the RSA Insurance Group registered in the town. Horsham also benefits from its proximity to London which is only 31 miles away.

# 6 Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells, in our very own Kent, scores very well thanks to its close proximity to London (which is only 31 miles away) while still being far enough for a quaint living. Ample job opportunities, especially in retail and finance, add to its attractiveness.

# 5 Winchester

Many factors add to the attraction quotient of Winchester – speedy links to major cities and towns including London; the presence of Europe’s largest cathedral – Winchester Cathedral; prestigious educational institutions such as Winchester College and University of Winchester; and indeed weather which tends to be reasonably pleasant, especially when compared with many other parts of England.

# 4 Wokingham

Like other places on our list, Wokingham also benefits from its close distance to London (mere 33 miles). Additionally, Wokingham is benefiting immensely from the establishment of industries like software development and other allied services, which in turn is bringing in jobs and consequentially people, who are spurring demand (and development) across various spheres, especially for housing.

# 3 Elmbridge

Often referred to as England’s Beverly Hills perhaps with good reason, thanks to its high profile list of past and present residents that includes Kate Winslet, George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Gary Lineker, and Sir Cliff Richard to only name a few, Elmbridge benefits from its close proximity to London; presence of major corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Sony; as well as an overall quality of life which consistently ranks among the very best in the country.

# 2 Waverley

There’s simply so much that makes Waverley so attractive – and therefore so high on our list, from life expectancy which is as high as 81 years even for men, to excellent employment opportunities, reasonably salubrious climate, fairly affordable housing, and definitely very friendly people.

# 1 Hart

Top of the charts is Hart, which may not come across as a surprise to you, given that Hart has consistently ranked at the top of many such listings, not just for south east England but in fact the whole of England! Factors favouring Hart include life expectancy which is one of the highest in the UK, excellent educational and employment avenues, very low crime rate, high incomes, and a populace which is not only welcoming and affable but also very fitness inclined (a trait which may pass on to you as a Hart resident as well!).

So that’s our list of top 10 places to live in south east England – what do you think of it?!

7 Reasons to Move to Kent

If there is one place in England which truly embodies the feeling of so near yet so far from London it just has to be Kent! After all in less than an hour on Southeastern’s high speed links you can easily be travelling between the very heart of the Garden of England and London.

At the same time, this is only one of the MANY reasons which make Kent such an attractive destination to move to. Below we provide 7 of them!

1. Like London, Mainland Europe is also a hop, skip and jump away!

A major attraction of Kent lies in its excellent location, not only close to London but also to mainland Europe. In fact the nearest point in Kent is a mere 21 miles from mainland Europe! Driving on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle from Calais in France, you can be in Folkestone in just over half an hour, from where you can easily take the M20 to get to any part of Kent.

2. Affordable Property Prices

A major draw for Kent is the fairly affordable property prices there. And mind you, this is not only in comparison to pricy London but many other parts of England as well! For instance, a 2 or 3 bedroom detached house with a large garden in tow, and the complete charm of countryside living (yet never too far from town amenities) would cost you significantly less in Kent than in many other places in England, especially central London.

3. It lives up to its tag of “The Garden of England”

While other places in England have also attempted to lay claim to the tag of being “The Garden of England” Kent really lives up to it, with its plentiful hop gardens and orchards. There’s lush greenery all around the county, with apple and cherry trees particularly prominent across its landscape.

4. Salubrious Climate

Compared to the rest of England, Kent experiences the warmest weather in the country, thanks to its southeast location. This abundance of pleasant sunshine has alone proven to be a major draw for many to move to Kent.

5. Abundance of Educational and Retail Establishments

Any family considering moving to a new place would be concerned about the existence (and quality) of educational establishments such as schools and colleges for their children. They would also like to be reassured about retail outlets where they can do their everyday shopping. In Kent that is not a concern at all – there are ample top quality schools and colleges as well as other institutions of higher learning. There is also an absolute plethora of shopping avenues – you literally can shop till you drop in Kent!

6. Plentiful Places for Sightseeing that have Historical and Cultural Significance

Once in Kent you will rarely feel the need to step out for sightseeing since there is so much to see within the county. Particularly from a historical and cultural perspective, you will find that this is one of the most prominent counties in the country. Further, the county administration has taken various steps to ensure that on the cultural front there is always a lot happening at any given time in Kent.

7. Friendly Folks

Last but certainly not the least; it is ultimately the people who really make a place attractive (or not). In Kent’s case, you will probably find some of the most gregarious and friendly people in England in the county, whose hospitality really knows no bounds.

Now, now, do you still need more reasons to move to Kent?