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Packing Tips to Get You Moving In a Jiffy!

While Removals Kent prides itself on the extensive range of relocation services that it offers, including but not limited to packing services, we feel that advanced preparation, especially with regard to packing of your items, can go a long way in ensuring that all your items move safely and soundly.

Accordingly, in this post, we offer a variety of packing tips which can help you get moving in a jiffy, without any fuss whatsoever!

Pack what you really need and discard unwanted items

Often relocation is a fresh start – then why have unwanted baggage with you? At Compass Moving Services we have noticed that challenges with packing arise because there are simply way too many items to be carried, many of which are completely unnecessary. So if it is old papers, flyers (of places you will no longer be frequenting!), go ahead and discard them. Also consider giving to charity, items that you feel would not be critical to your new location, and yet could be useful to those in need.

Make the most of your items

Being in the relocation business, we notice a lot of oddities on the part of customers, which we always try and help them with. To give you an example, empty suitcases and boxes are doled out to us while relocating, when they could easily have been used to pack in so many other things! Instead, pack them up with items you are relocating with – you will be streamlining the overall number of items you will be lugging, quite dramatically!

Label your items

With multiple boxes, it can get quite daunting with regard to what is where – once you relocate, you will not know which boxes to open up first! By labelling your boxes, you do away with the risk of not knowing their contents. As an added tip, also take pictures as you pack which will help you remember the arrangement of items, say wires on your electronic items.

Organize everything before you seek help with packing

Before you seek help with packing – whether from your friends or professional organizations like ours, we suggest that you organize everything as best as you can. For instance, you can have the boxes ready with clear directions on what is to go where. Then you can also decide on the priority of items – the critical items to be unpacked at your new location can be put in last into the relocation vehicle so that they pop out first while unloading. Additionally, consider organizing your items in terms of the exact spot they are to go to – bathroom items in one group, bedroom items in another lot, and so on.

Add-on Tip – How about placing a large plastic bag around your clothes in the wardrobe and packing them together?

This is a great tip since you can conveniently pack a number of clothes together in a single location with minimum fuss. It also means that once you have relocated, you will be able to unpack into your new closet in a jiffy!