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Priceless Pointers on Moving Fine Art and Antiques

When the items to be moved are themselves priceless, pointers on doing so with finesse need to be equally priceless, right?

So without further ado, let us look at some invaluable pointers when it comes to moving fine art and antiques.

Know your items

You will be surprised that sometimes even the most prolific connoisseurs of fine art and antiques around the world prove to be completely clueless about relevant details on these items, which would facilitate their suitable transportation.

For example, at Removals Kent we have had instances where customers called in for the movement of antiques, without informing us about the (enormous!) weight of these items, since they themselves were a little clueless about such an obvious aspect – they had simply never got down to moving these items ever in the past!

The reason such details are important because we can then prepare ourselves accordingly for the packaging and movement of these items. In the above instance, once we knew about the weight, we prepared ourselves appropriately for the movement, and did the needful with élan.

Yet, prior knowledge would certainly have saved everyone involved, a lot of time, effort and money!

That is the reason we always assert that know about the fine art and antiques to be moved, which will ensure they are transported in the best and most feasible manner possible.


The previous pointer will play a crucial role in the manner in which items to be moved are packaged. For instance, art work such as paintings have to be packaged in a way that there is absolutely no harm done to the paintings themselves. Likewise when you have rare collectibles which are being transported, each of which may be of very unique nature, they all have to be packaged differently in a way which is eventually aimed towards preservation of these items right through the transportation and delivery phases.

Means of Transportation

Another very important aspect is means of transportation. The first and second pointers above will both have a say in the way items are moved. Not only that, the vice versa is true as well, since means of transportation will also have a say in which items are to be packaged.

At the same time, bear in mind that costs play a crucial role as well. For instance, air transport invariably proves to be the most convenient and least likely to cause any harm to antiques yet it is also the most expensive. Clients typically want a balance between safe passage of their items as well as the expenses which they incur. However, we would stress that in our experience, when it comes to fine art and antiques, many clients place ample leeway on expenses. This is quite logical anyway – saving on transportation costs only to end up causing damage to items worth much more makes no sense!

A Final Note – Safety from Theft and Pilferage

A very important note when it comes to fine art and antiques is that the risk is not simply from damage, spoilage or breakage at the time of transportation. Instead, there is a very real risk of theft and pilferage, especially when it comes to high value items.

At Removals Kent, we not only work on the safe passage of fine art and antiques with regard to prevention of damage, spoilage or breakage at the time of transportation, we do everything possible to ensure that any theft or pilferage simply does not occur.

In other words, with Removals Kent, the movement of your fine art and antiques is definitely in very safe hands!