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Things to Consider BEFORE you Move to Italy

You’re in a not-so-balmy part of England and simply can’t wait to move to Italy – the warm weather, fine wine, exotic beaches, beautiful women (and men!), and quaint landscapes – the allure is just too good to resist!

But wait…have you thought of all the little things to consider, BEFORE you move to Italy?

This post will certainly help!

Brush up your Italian

Do you need to become a master of the Italian language? By no means, but at least garner some basic skills. For instance, learn the common set of greetings and other phrases you are most likely to use very often. And no, Buon Giorno and Arrivederci are not enough!

Choose your Italian destination wisely

Unless you are relocating on a job where you may not have much of a say in terms of exactly WHERE in Italy you are headed – and it happens to be a voluntary decision that you are taking, you really would like to invest some time in thinking through exactly where in Italy you would like to go.

Typically, when it comes to expats, Rome and places in its vicinity have proven to be particularly popular. At the same time, the Tuscany region is also a very big draw for expats. Many areas in the south of Italy however have seen relatively less influx of foreigners settling into the region.

The reason we mention this is because as a newly arrived expat, you would want to ideally have expats around you who can help you settle down and also prove to be invaluable company while you are here.

Go easy on your property purchase

In Italy, depending on where you buy, property can be expensive with various taxes added on which only accentuate the purchase cost. Our humble suggestion would be to proceed with caution on purchase of property in Italy. Ideally, if you are unsure how long you will be around, with a strong possibility that you may not remain for too long, it is wise that you opt for a rental accommodation. That way, when it is time to go back, you simply pack your bags and leave!

Undo a LOT of habits and preconceived notions!

Many first timers to Italy really need to undo a lot of habits and also overcome preconceived notions that they have about the country and its people. While listing all such habits or preconceived notions may be beyond the scope of this post, we have listed some out which will help you get the drift…beyond these, feel free to consult with friends in Italy or look online for more expert advice!

o   Cappuccino is typically for mornings only and NOT throughout the day!

o   Given the numerous wine sessions you are likely to have, remember that while on the table, fill up other empty glasses around you as well and not just your own!

o   Be well dressed while going to churches or other holy places – tank tops or shorts are quite a no-no!

o   Calcio is the Italian word for football (or soccer) and you better get used to hearing this word quite often while in Italy.

o   Pesto with pizzas, especially as a base, is practically unheard of!

Notwithstanding all of the above, go to Italy with a positive frame of mind and however long you may remain (maybe forever?!) you can be assured of memories that will easily last a lifetime!