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Top 10 Places to Live in South East England

When it comes to England as a whole, and the most desirable places in the entire country, it is common knowledge that south east England dominates the landscape.

But what about within south east England; surely some places dominate over others?

At Removals Kent we are always curious about the places around us which fancy people the most.

Accordingly, we went about researching the top 10 places to live in south east England, based on a number of different criteria – cost of living, weather, health facilities (and indeed the health of current residents), quality of schools and colleges, job/employment opportunities, public transport, natural beauty/attractions of nature, and retail amenities, among others.

Without further ado, we have enlisted our findings below.

# 10 Aylesbury Vale

Dominated by a vast agricultural landscape, Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire serves as a perfect getaway to rural England amidst quaint and pristine settings. Yet, once in Aylesbury Vale, you are never too far from historical and cultural attractions, be it Claydon House, the immaculately landscaped gardens at Stowe House, or Waddesdon Manor.

# 9 Sevenoaks

While Knole House maybe one of the most prominent and well known landmarks in Sevenoaks, there is certainly more to the town than just this epic country house, especially the exclusive Sevenoaks School that counts Daniel Day-Lewis among its (many) illustrious alumni.

# 8 Reigate and Banstead

Reigate and Banstead benefits in particular from the presence of a large number of major corporations based in and around the district, such as Kimberly Clark, AXA Insurance, Pfizer UK, and Scotia Gas Networks to only name a few – that together offer plentiful employment opportunities. Further, views around the North Downs here are brilliant, whether from Box Hill, Reigate Hill, or Colley Hill.

# 7 Horsham

Horsham in West Sussex scores on various fronts such as the relatively high life expectancy of residents here (83 years for women and 76 for men), low rate of crime, and excellent employment opportunities especially in the insurance sector with the RSA Insurance Group registered in the town. Horsham also benefits from its proximity to London which is only 31 miles away.

# 6 Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells, in our very own Kent, scores very well thanks to its close proximity to London (which is only 31 miles away) while still being far enough for a quaint living. Ample job opportunities, especially in retail and finance, add to its attractiveness.

# 5 Winchester

Many factors add to the attraction quotient of Winchester – speedy links to major cities and towns including London; the presence of Europe’s largest cathedral – Winchester Cathedral; prestigious educational institutions such as Winchester College and University of Winchester; and indeed weather which tends to be reasonably pleasant, especially when compared with many other parts of England.

# 4 Wokingham

Like other places on our list, Wokingham also benefits from its close distance to London (mere 33 miles). Additionally, Wokingham is benefiting immensely from the establishment of industries like software development and other allied services, which in turn is bringing in jobs and consequentially people, who are spurring demand (and development) across various spheres, especially for housing.

# 3 Elmbridge

Often referred to as England’s Beverly Hills perhaps with good reason, thanks to its high profile list of past and present residents that includes Kate Winslet, George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Gary Lineker, and Sir Cliff Richard to only name a few, Elmbridge benefits from its close proximity to London; presence of major corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Sony; as well as an overall quality of life which consistently ranks among the very best in the country.

# 2 Waverley

There’s simply so much that makes Waverley so attractive – and therefore so high on our list, from life expectancy which is as high as 81 years even for men, to excellent employment opportunities, reasonably salubrious climate, fairly affordable housing, and definitely very friendly people.

# 1 Hart

Top of the charts is Hart, which may not come across as a surprise to you, given that Hart has consistently ranked at the top of many such listings, not just for south east England but in fact the whole of England! Factors favouring Hart include life expectancy which is one of the highest in the UK, excellent educational and employment avenues, very low crime rate, high incomes, and a populace which is not only welcoming and affable but also very fitness inclined (a trait which may pass on to you as a Hart resident as well!).

So that’s our list of top 10 places to live in south east England – what do you think of it?!