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TOP 5 places to move to in Europe

euEuropean Union has formed unique opportunities for millions of its citizens to move around its member states. The reasons for moving may vary but better economic status is definitely a strong one. Some of the member states truly offer much better conditions of living maybe after reading this post you will also start to think about moving.


Home-land of the most famous vines in the world, France as a potential new destination truly deserves our attention. The recent Eurozone financial crisis might have been quite severe for the southern parts of Eurozone; in France on the other hand it is merely called stabilization. Prices of properties had been rising in recent decades, in some areas of the country they had risen to astronomical heights. The north of France is one of the best areas to move after this price satabalisation. Provinces of Normandy, Brittany or Lower Burgundy offer beautiful countryside for more than reasonable prices.


Cheap prices, one of the highest life expectancies and the highest number of hours of sunshine throughout of the year… these are some the main reason why you might want to choose coastal Spain to re-locate to. Living conditions over the years belong to the highest of all of Europe, and that might be the main reason why spain already has the biggest majority of British expats living there. Beautiful regions of Baleares and Costas are the right places to move to if you expect something more out of life. Now you can enjoy the environment of your vacation all year long.


This northern Eurozone economy had a hard time during the recent financial crisis in 2008. Severe solutions implemented by local government on the other hand helped to stabilize its economic status. Ireland today belongs to one of the strongest economies of Europe with the highest house-hold income per year and uncommon low taxes in comparison to the rest of the Europe union. If you are searching for the place where you can learn from the best, Ireland is right place to go. A land of green pastures is waiting for you.


Poland belongs to the countries with high economic potential thanks to the great number of young people in the country. Low prices compared to typical Western Europe countries and a relatively big number of public holidays offer many possibilities now you can enjoy your time in this beautiful country a bit north. Average salary tops neighbors, one of which does offer great opportunities for summer and winter sports though.


Germany has had a reputation as the strong economic center of Europe and it seems like nothing will change that in following decades. If you are looking for great stability, reasonable prices of properties compared to United Kingdom or France, by moving to Germany you are on the right track. Germany belongs to one of the most environmental friendly economies and the delight in keeping the streets and parks tidy is visible everywhere around. If you are fan of beautiful high mountain hikes with rural restaurants surrounding gorgeous hotels in the Alps, southern parts of Germany are the place for you.